Why is CrossFit Becoming So Darned Popular?

By on October 23, 2014

Even the most dedicated athletes and fitness enthusiasts can get bored at the gym – it doesn’t mean that they’re lacking in any way – it just means that whatever they are doing is boring!

Enter CrossFit – renowned to be the fastest growing fitness trend in the world! Specializing in nothing , means that no two workouts are ever the same (well, that’s not quite true, but whenever you repeat a benchmark workout you have everything to gain by pushing yourself to the max – beating your score the last time around is the best motivator around!).

CrossFit really is fitness for life; it prepares you to be the fittest you can be in not only the controlled environment of the gym, but also in your everyday life. CrossFit really makes a difference.

* CrossFit is Intense. If your idea of a workout is to mosey along doing a couple of bench presses, followed by a chat over the exercise bike then you’re in for a big surprise. CrossFit is fast paced; it’s intense. Each WOD may consist of just three or four different moves, but by the end, after you’ve repeated those moves for a set number or set amount of time, you’ll know that you’ve been to the gym.

* CrossFit requires effort. Half-hearted does not come into CrossFit. Every time you begin a WOD you are in a competition with yourself. This type of intense effort means that you get even more from every workout and you reach your fitness goals in double quick time.

* CrossFit does not take up much valuable time. Many of the WOD’s are all over within just 15 minutes, but within that time you’ll have likely burned up more calories than you generally do in a full week.

* CrossFit builds great relationships. The CrossFit Community is not just a romantic fantasy, it is the solid truth. CrossFitters help each other, encourage each other, and become great friends. That’s what working together and sweating together can do.

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