6 Most Common Misconceptions About CrossFit


Whenever something new becomes popular there are always going to be critics trying to find something wrong with it. Even though CrossFit’s popularity might seem to be growing exponentially; there is also a growing backlash of those who are creating inaccurate stigmas about the sport of fitness. As a CrossFit trainer and enthusiast I feel […]

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62 Pounds Lost: Roni’s Road From Serial Dieter to CrossFit


Full name: Roni Noone Age: 36 Location: Baltimore Before: 207lbs. After: 145lbs What was the “turning point” that prompted you to lose weight? I was a serial yo-yo dieter with a bad body image for years! It wasn’t until the birth of my son, Ryan, that I started to realize all my dieting was doing more harm than good. […]

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6 Tips to Take from CrossFit Champ Rich Froning


At this year’s 2014 Reebok CrossFit Games Rich Froning, the barrel-chested fitness phenomenon, won the national series for the fourth year running. This wasn’t a shocker to any fan of the high-intensity sport. Despite slow starts on the initial events this year, Froning dominated the latter half of the competition with his combination of power, speed […]

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CrossFit for armed forces


Athletes in Camas and Washougal are turning the concept of CrossFit on its head by pushing themselves to their physical and mental limits while being submerged in water. “You enter a zone where you are not only being asked to perform at your maximum capacity, but move weights, strategize, communicate, limit oxygen intake and relax,” […]

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CrossFit Talk: An Interview with Reebok Fitness Ambassador Andrea Ferry


About Andrea: “Andrea Ferry is a Fitness Ambassador for the Reebok FitHub store in Georgetown and coaches at CrossFit Metro Center and CrossFit Bethesda.  She is a former National Figure Competitor, State Ranked Power Lifter, and Regional CrossFit Athlete for District CrossFit. She competed this past May at the CrossFit Games Regional Event. Andrea also […]

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NFL Fit: 4 New Training Upgrades for the 2014 New Orleans Saints


More Squats, Heavier Squats When you think about the New Orleans Saints, you may recall the emotional Super Bowl XLIV win in 2010. Yes, those were the glory days, but let’s not forget just how good of a football team the Saints are right now. After netting an 11-5 record and advancing to the Divisional Round of […]

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The Benefits of CrossFit Workouts


Plenty of people have come to understand that CrossFit workout can be highly beneficial for their health, particularly since everybody wishes to have a healthy body and live longer. CrossFit workout is a special combination of physical exercises and Olympic weightlifting with cardio workout that is designed for everybody who wishes to stay in shape and […]

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Pro Tips for Tackling CrossFit’s Toughest Moves


No athlete masters double-unders, muscle-ups, and handstand push-ups on day one of CrossFit. Getting these moves down takes practice, patience, and of course a killer training strategy. To give you a leg up, we talked to three CrossFit coaches about the best ways to approach each of these moves. Double-Unders Spinning a jump rope under […]

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Top 5 Secret Benefits of CrossFit Training


Bet you already know that CrossFit has many significant benefits.  Just to name a few: increased fitness, visible results, and time saving workouts. But oh, there’s so much more! Read on to discover the secret benefits of CrossFit training that rarely gets an honorable mention. So How Does CrossFit Training Benefit You? Sense of Empowerment […]

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