A Beginner Puts CrossFit to the Test


By: Lydia Fallon It’s been two whole days and I still feel like I’ve gone 12 rounds with Mike Tyson. I’m walking like a 90-year-old woman, lifting my arms to type this is a MASSIVE struggle and don’t even get me started on manoeuvring the stairs – I’ve seen sloths move quicker. It’s official; CrossFit has […]

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5 Emotional Stages of CrossFit


By: Lea Genders As of this week, I am now into my third week of CrossFit.  This is my first full week of regular classes after graduating the introductory On-Ramp classes.  In my short time at CrossFit, I have noticed a definite trend in my emotions.  I call it the Five Emotional Stages of CrossFit:1.  Fear […]

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50 Ways To Get Better At CrossFit


Your Task: 1. Read the list and choose tips that will help balance your training 2. Implement and watch as you become a better athlete! How to get better at CrossFit (in no particular order): 1. Gear up. Get oly shoes, some inov-8s or nano’s, a speed rope, some wrist wraps, and some good workout clothes 2. Lift heavy […]

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Why is CrossFit So Popular Right Now?


Two floors above a bustling street in Midtown Manhattan, a group of incredibly fit men and women at CrossFit NYC are training—seemingly—for the military. Roars of anguish and slamming of barbells echo across the mirror-barren room. A petite blonde turns a questionable shade of red as she squats her weight with a pipe while a determined-looking fellow attempts […]

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In CrossFit Games, the Biggest Competition is Yourself


Just a few years ago, Todd Newell was 130 pounds heavier and unable to run 100 meters. The idea of participating in a competition for “The Fittest on Earth” back then? “I would have ridiculed it,” says Newell, 39, of Catonsville, Md. So it’s pretty remarkable that earlier this month, that is exactly what he […]

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How to Develop Grip Strength


When it comes to strength, most people call to mind an image of a big deadlift, a big squat, or a big Olympic lift as an example. What most athletes forget is that before you can even lift the weight, you have to grip it first. If you truly want to become stronger — whether […]

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Tips For Every CrossFitter


If you aren’t a total idiot with what you eat, you should set a PR pretty much every time you step in the gym for the first 2 years. 1. Breakfast is everything. If I can convince you to eat meat and eggs for breakfast, the other meals are usually OK. If you negotiate with […]

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Women & CrossFit: Myths Part 2


Women will not get big bulky muscles because they just plain don’t have the hormones to build them. It is the difference in the hormonal profile between men and women that causes their performances to also be different. There are several aspects of a woman’s performance that will different from those of a man, all […]

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CrossFit Double Pyramid Workout


We’ve got a killer workout for you today: 420 reps of crossfit-style goodness! This is a pyramid and reverse pyramid (the combination of the two is also known as a triangle pyramid) workout. What the heck does that mean? It simply means you work your way up to the top of the pyramid (burpees) while […]

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CrossFit: A Mom’s Perspective


By: Robbin A. Carollo Y’all will never guess what I attempted – CrossFit. I know, I know. Me and everyone else on the planet. But I’m desperate people! There’s a bridesmaids dress hanging in my closet that I’m going to have to fit into in a few weeks and last time I checked, Delta isn’t […]

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