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Take a look around your local gym. You might expect to see the majority of women congregated around miscellaneous cardio equipment or perhaps mid-way through a spin class, while men are picking up the weights. But that scene is changing, and it’s changing fast, as more women take up serious weight training. “It’s no longer […]

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The 8 most common crossfit mistakes


Yes you love CrossFit results, but is there such thing as training too often? (Photo: Tempura) Five years ago, not many people had heard of CrossFit, let alone participated in any sort of CrossFit Workout of the Day (a.k.a. WOD). Today, CrossFit has become one of the fastest-growing sports. There are currently more than 9,000 affiliate […]

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What i learned after a year of crossfit

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I joined CrossFit in August 2014 following a visit to my 11-year-old daughter during her first summer at sleep-away camp. I realized, the hard way, that I was no longer the center of my daughter’s universe, so I decided that I needed to invest energy in building my own social life. So I joined CrossFit; I’d […]

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Why your kids should be doing crossfit

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There was something unusual about the gym I had just arrived at in Long Island City. Each kettle bell could fit in the palm of my hand. The stacks of tires appeared to have come from regular-sized cars, as opposed to massive tractors. The average athlete appeared to be somewhere around four feet tall. This […]

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This Badass CrossFit Queen Explains How to Do Push-Ups Like a Champion

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Christmas Abbott is in way better shape than you are. We don’t know that for sure, but considering she lifts weights at the national level and regularly owns her rivals at  CrossFitcompetitions, we’d say that her 5-foot 3-inch frame of mostly muscle could out-lift your ass any day. But she didn’t start out that way. […]

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Why I do CrossFit

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The first time I tried CrossFit, I didn’t really get it. I had been going to conventional gyms regularly since high school and had dabbled in some bodybuilding. To me, working out was about routine. A set number of exercises, performed in a set order, for a set amount of time. But around 2006, a […]

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Women’s weightlifting: Strong is the new skinny


Walking into CrossFit Las Cruces, a spacious gym at 2305 E. Nevada on an early November evening, more women than men could be seen practicing lifts and loading barbells with stacks of weight. “A lot of classes, there’s more girls than guys here,” said Doris Arciero, 44, a member of CrossFit Las Cruces. “The girls are kind of dominating now, […]

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  THREE WAYS CROSSFIT MADE ME A BETTER HUMAN We’ve heard the jokes: You know someone does CrossFit because it’s ALL they talk about! I used to laugh (and agree) with this before I started my own CrossFit journey. Now, just shy of three months into my own experience, I’m starting to understand on a […]

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Why CrossFit isn’t just a fad workout


If CrossFit seems to be everywhere, that’s because it is. There are close to 12,000 affiliate boxes, that’s “CrossFit-speak” for gyms, across the globe. That’s up from just 13 affiliate gyms in 2005. As college athletic programs, police academies and military bases jump on the bandwagon, it proves that this worldwide phenomenon is not just […]

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