Four of the Best CrossFit Moves

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CrossFit is big business these days, but you don’t have to have to be a constant presence at the box to reap the fitness benefits. Walking lunges, deadlifts, and burpees can be used in any workout routine — not just CrossFit. These four exercises force you to combine strength work, cardio, and endurance. We guarantee […]

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New Research Shows How Beneficial CrossFit is

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With nearly 10 million CrossFitters worldwide—60 percent of whom are women— many people can attest firsthand to the benefits of this high-intensity style workout program, yet little scientific research has looked at how effective it is. So the American Council on Exercise® (ACE) enlisted the research team at the University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse to examine two […]

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How CrossFit can make you a better entrepreneur

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Have you heard this one? An atheist, a vegan and a CrossFitter walk into a bar. I only know because they told everyone within two minutes. My mom told me that joke. Yes, she is super hip to popular culture, but that also plays off the running joke that CrossFitters always talk about CrossFit. I’m obviously not doing […]

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8 Reasons Boomers Should Try CrossFit

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As we age, we naturally lose muscle mass, which causes our metabolism to slow, which means you could start building a spare tire by the time you reach your 30s. “When you do weight-bearing exercises, you start revving up your metabolism—and it keeps burning for many hours after your workout,” says Brost. “Also, the more […]

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Danica Patrick Does CrossFit


Danica Patrick knows a thing or two about fitness. The auto racing star, who is also famous for her killer figure, is currently busier than ever now that the 2014 racing season is well underway, but she took a minute to chat with E! News to dish on her diet as well as her workout […]

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6 Myths the Haters Need to Stop Telling About CrossFit


The backlash against CrossFit, the hottest and most controversial fitness program since Suzanne Somers and herThighmaster, is as intense as any Workout of the Day. In spite of the hate thrown CrossFit’s way by commentators, the program and business continue to grow — from 13 gyms in 2005 to 8,000 in October 2013, and then […]

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What is CrossFit? The sport, science and state of mind


“Is there a single, perfect workout? A workout with the best weight training, plyometric, flexibility and endurance exercises? A workout with the precise number of sets and repetitions? A workout that tells the athlete exactly how much weight to use? The answer is no.” That’s what the National Strength & Conditioning Association Journal concluded in […]

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4 reasons why CrossFit really works


If your New Year’s resolution is to get in shape, then learn how CrossFit works and why it’s an effective system for getting people in shape — and keeping them there. The month of January will see a huge spike in gym memberships, as people follow up on their New Year’s resolutions to get in […]

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Everyone should try CrossFit at least once


I am not a fit man in any way, shape or form. It’s actually quite the opposite because more often than not, I am a perfect example of a sloth. On two separate occasions I have thrown a book at a light switch because I was too lazy to turn the damn thing off. I have […]

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The 7 Biggest CrossFit Mistakes (And How To Fix Them)


For every CrossFitter killing it workout after workout, posting legit numbers and seeing strength, mobility and endurance flourish, there’s the guy cutting corners or going overboard with training, risking injury (and perhaps reputation) in the process. Mistakes and faux pas are prevalent in every training discipline, and CrossFit is no exception. Here, two experienced athletes […]

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