Workout Tips from CrossFit Phenom Mathew Fraser


The 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games are just around the corner, and all eyes are set on former Olympic weightlifter turned fitness phenomenon Mathew Fraser to take home the title “Fittest Man on Earth.” The CrossFit rookie shocked everyone when he snagged the second spot on the podium last year. As he said in a four-part […]

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How CrossFit Bonded Together an Elite Team of Female Soldiers


The team that trains together, stays together. That’s the story of a band of women recruited to be part of a U.S. Army special operations team in 2010 and 2011. Their mission: to help some of America’s most elite fighters gain access to a never-before-reached population in Afghanistan — women. The backstory: Special operations leaders […]

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CrossFit on Vacation


After spending months getting in shape for a long-awaited beach vacation, you all too often find that hard work undone within days because of high-calorie drinks, indulgent meals and zero workouts. But what if you could maintain your edge while enjoying paradise? That’s the inspiration behind a new series of vacations hosted in exotic locales […]

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SKINNYFIT: How to get bikini ready with crossfit


Open any magazine and you will see what we all preach against. Airbrushed, too-thin models, who represent the so-called ideal that is in reality, mainly because of the Photoshopping techniques, unattainable. These are women who starve themselves and yet despite having nearly zero fat not a hint of an abdominal muscle can be seen. We […]

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Teen a World Class Crossfitter


Coweta teen Morgan Gross is the top scorer in the world in her division in the 2015 Reebok CrossFit Open. Gross outscored thousands of CrossFit girls to become world champion in the 14/15 scaled division of the CrossFit Open. It’s quite an accomplishment – but is even more impressive considering Morgan had never worked out […]

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9 CrossFit Exercises to Get You In Shape


Randy Parisi, Meriden: “There’s a few reasons I think CrossFit keeps me in shape. First, is the awesome group of coaches and members that I have the opportunity to work out with at Crossfit Meriden. Everyone is really supportive and we motivate each other to push through to finish each workout, something I never experienced […]

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Three ways crossfit makes you more productive


I am a CrossFitter and I love it. Before you glaze over and think I am going to start insisting you lift something heavy, stay with me. I originally joinedCrossFit Recourse in Webster as a way to get in shape (think “a marshmallow walks into a gym…”). While it definitely has gotten me in shape, […]

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Why Everyone Should Try CrossFit


Despite my many misgivings as an athlete (or even a passable human being) I have this strange obsession with fad exercises, which lead me to try the law-suit ridden exercise of CrossFit.Will Lee does pull ups at CrossFit Smithfield in Smithfield, N.C., on April 29, 2014. The gym expanded its business with help from the […]

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5 CrossFit-Inspired Exercises To Make You A Better Runner


To run faster, longer, and stronger, add these CrossFit-style exercises into your workout routine.(Photo: Corbis/Buck Studio) If you want to be a better runner, it’s important that runningisn’t the only activity you do. While jogging has plenty of benefits — cardiovascular health, weight loss, and stress relief, to name a few — mixing up your […]

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Paramedics team up to open CrossFit facility


As paramedics, Gavin DuBetz and Stephanie Viener’s job is to help save lives. In their new venture at CrossFit Menace, their job is to help shape lives, as well. DuBetz opened the fitness facility in February at 7041 Grand River Ave. in Genoa Township. Viener is a CrossFit coach and an investor in the new […]

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