How Many Calories Does CrossFit Really Burn?


Hurricanes and CrossFit workouts have one thing in common: Some of the most brutal ones are named after women. When scientists at Kennesaw State University studied Cindy, one of the fitness brand’s benchmark timed workouts, they found that doing total-body moves against the clock can burn 261 calories in just 20 minutes. (If you’re looking […]

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How CrossFit Made me a Saner Parent


Before the CrossFit haters sharpen their knives, let me just preface this piece by saying that neither burpees nor deadlifts have helped me to become a better parent. I’m a mother, not a meathead, so in order to understand how CrossFit has helped me, you’re going to have to trust that I’m not proselytizing right […]

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Soreness vs. Pain


A pain that feels so good that it inspires you to go to the gym and do it all over again. It is a form of pain that does not really constitute injury but is painful nonetheless. This pain is called muscle soreness. Muscle Soreness is what most people call the good pain. Although it […]

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State troopers using CrossFit to become stronger, healthier


INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (March 10, 2015)– Every day, 150 to 200 Indiana State Police troopers participate in the fitness regimen called CrossFit. The Health Management Specialist for ISP couldn’t be happier, because he’s getting results. “The first four years of the academy, we did the traditional pushups, sit ups, running and we created injuries, shin splints […]

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CrossFit Helping People Recover From Injuries


QUINCY, ILL. — QTown CrossFit is giving a new meaning to the popular fitness training. These high-intensity functional movements are being done by athletes around the world. But QTown is taking away the high-intensity portion for a class to help bodies with a little more wear and tear, be able to do everyday movements. “Our […]

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Lauren Brook’s Four Year Journey to the Games


Before Lauren Brooks qualified for the 2014 Reebok CrossFit Games, she spent three years at the regional level. Year after year, she was sidelined by illness and injury. In 2011, she withdrew before the regional began when she found out a biopsied mole tested positive for melanoma. The next year, she withdrew after a lingering […]

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CrossFit is Revolutionizing Fitness


Fifteen years ago, Lauren Jenai and Greg Glassman introduced a new sport to the world. They called it CrossFit, which has since then revolutionized the way that many professional or aspiring (and even non-athletes), think of fitness. CrossFit is a sport that aims to improve an athlete’s general physical preparedness, and this can be achieved […]

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6 Reasons CrossFit Will Make You a Better Entrepreneur


With the CrossFit Open underway (that’s the start of the CrossFit season for you non-CrossFitters, which if we based numbers off Instagram postings would be about .3 percent of the population), I figured I’d put two of the most buzzworthy words together in one beautifully written article: entrepreneur and CrossFit. The sport of CrossFit was developed by […]

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CrossFit in the Military


Army 1st Sgt. Shawn Jarvis doesn’t need a fancy four-year fitness study — like the one pitting CrossFit against unit PT at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas — to tell him what he already knows: CrossFit works better than traditional unit PT. “I drank the CrossFit Kool-Aid because I’ve seen the results, not only with myself, but with my […]

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