businessman proves CrossFit not just for the young

Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska -- Airmen, soldiers and civilians participate in a Crossfit fitness program at Hangar 5 on Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson after duty hours, Wednesday, July 13, 2011.  (U.S. Air Force/Justin Connaher)

Don’t tell Charles Nailen he shouldn’t do something. At age 66, the Dothan business owner is more active than most people half his age. An avid runner for many years, Nailen decided he needed another challenge. That’s when he decided, at a friend’s suggestion, to take up the intense strength and conditioning program known as […]

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CrossFit is a growing trend: doctors say its a great form of exercise


There are over 12,000 CrossFit gyms in the world. As the trend continues to grow here in Eastern North Carolina, many people are wondering how safe the phenomena is. The workout includes strength training, rowing, and flexibility. “It’s different every day, we do different workouts so you don’t get bored,” athlete, Manny Vidao said. Coach […]

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CrossFit Provides Balance to Physical Fitness


Robby Blanchard believed he was in great physical condition. After all, he was a personal trainer at Global Fitness in Stow and ran boot camps for clients eager to get in shape. However, after taking an introductory seminar in CrossFit, Blanchard was faced with the harsh truth about his physical fitness. “I took the class […]

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CrossFit provides personal, simple approach to fitness


Having been open for just over a year, CrossFit Populace owners Chris and Jamie Hughes have much cause to celebrate. The Hughes have been part of the Tyler CrossFit community for five years and, during that time, have developed a reputation of excellence — tripling the membership since June 2014. The reason for their success […]

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TE Andrew Quarless added CrossFit to offseason training


Green Bay – Maybe when his NFL career is over, you’ll find veteran Packers TE Andrew Quarless competing in the CrossFit Games. This high intensity, full body, strength and cardio activity can be modified for beginners, making it very popular in the fitness world right now. But at its core, this exercise routine is one of […]

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3 CrossFit Workouts Anyone Can Try


Think of these three workouts as the Slash of your fitness routine: hard, fast, and aggressive. Recommended by two top CrossFit coaches, Lauren Fleri of Reebok CrossFit 5th Avenue and Javier Gamboa of CrossFit Union Square, these quick conditioning workouts utilize full-body exercises to jack up your heart rate and inspire buckets of sweat. Translation: They’re […]

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Five CrossFit-inspired exercises to make you a better runner


If you want to be a better runner, it’s important that running isn’t the only activity you do. While jogging has plenty of benefits — cardiovascular health, weight loss, and stress relief, to name a few — mixing up your routine can help you run faster, feel stronger, and avoid aches and injuries. To learn […]

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Veterans, CrossFitters pay tribute to fallen servicemen


ST. GEORGE – The early morning Workout of the Day for CrossFitters at CrossFit St. George was joined by members of veterans group Team Red, White and Blue in a special and unique fitness tribute to fallen servicemen and women on Memorial Day Monday. The event, known as “WOD for Warriors,” was a high intesity multiple round […]

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10 Reasons Why CrossFit Makes Sense for Seniors


No one wants to get old. Unfortunately, it happens to the best of us. If you are young I would doubt that the simple act of getting out of bed means anything to you. As you age this task can become something you have to think about and you physically feel while doing it. When […]

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