Everyone should try CrossFit at least once


I am not a fit man in any way, shape or form. It’s actually quite the opposite because more often than not, I am a perfect example of a sloth. On two separate occasions I have thrown a book at a light switch because I was too lazy to turn the damn thing off. I have […]

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The 7 Biggest CrossFit Mistakes (And How To Fix Them)


For every CrossFitter killing it workout after workout, posting legit numbers and seeing strength, mobility and endurance flourish, there’s the guy cutting corners or going overboard with training, risking injury (and perhaps reputation) in the process. Mistakes and faux pas are prevalent in every training discipline, and CrossFit is no exception. Here, two experienced athletes […]

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My Attempt to Become a Better Person Through CrossFit


We gave the writer Edith Zimmerman a monthly column because we love her. But like everyone, she could be better, so we asked her to write about doing things that improve herself. Follow her over the next year as she gets better and better until she reaches perfection in March 2016. Have you ever seen […]

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CrossFit Helping People Recover From Injuries


QUINCY, ILL. — QTown CrossFit is giving a new meaning to the popular fitness training. These high-intensity functional movements are being done by athletes around the world. But QTown is taking away the high-intensity portion for a class to help bodies with a little more wear and tear, be able to do everyday movements. “Our […]

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Fundamentals In your first week we teach our fundamentals. In the fundamentals we will teach you the basics of CrossFit’s fundamental movements. We break these into three different days and each day teach a different progression covering the nine fundamental lifts in CrossFit: the squat, front squat and overhead squat (all covered in day 1); […]

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Common Beginner CrossFit Mistakes


I have had the recent pleasure of working with more and more CrossFit folks as of late. Man, they great clients! They are hardworking, dedicated, and meticulously follow their programs. Unfortunately, what I have found is that they tend to sabotage themselves a bit, either knowingly or unknowingly (I’m guessing the latter). These mistakes usually […]

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Welcome to Crossfit Talem!


Have you thought about doing Crossfit but wondered if it’s too hard… to intense … not for you? Yea… me too!! You’re in luck.  CrossFit Talem’s meant for new to intermediate levels of CrossFit.  We provide a welcoming and encouraging community with quality coaching and focus on the fundamentals of helping you get fitter. Still […]

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