At CrossFit Talem we understand that times are tough and that money does not grow on trees.
We offer affordable membership which helps you get in the best shape of your life without costing you a fortune.
Membership Rates range from $90-$125
What you get: -Unlimited CrossFit
                       -Weekly Accountability
                       -Progressive Fitness Goals
                       -Nutrition Consulting
                       -Kick butt community and friendships

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Couples, Military, law enforcement and fire have special pricing, please call or stop in. 843-901-3334

Interested?  Email us and we will respond to you within 24 hours, or contact us at 843-901-3334


CrossFit Talem Corporate Program

CrossFit Talem is pleased to announce our corporate program.

Today businesses have growing concerns over their employee’s health and wellness.  We understand fully that the wellness of your employees and your company are greatly intertwined.  An investment in your employees’ health through supporting fitness and improved nutrition will benefit all.


How will your business benefit?

• improved productivity
• increased profitability
• less absenteeism
• improved morale
• reduced safety risks
• less healthcare costs

How will the employee benefit?

• improved physical strength
• increased stamina
• general well-being and focus at work
• increased job satisfaction
• improved relations with co-workers and supervisors

As a fellow business owner, CFT wants to help you achieve these goals.  You know how important health and wellness is to work place productivity, overall mood, and consistency.

CrossFit Talem can customize a program for you.  By finding designated days and times unique for your group; we will foster consistency, camaraderie and teamwork.  Increase your bottom line and help set your employees on the road to wellness.