CrossFit’s Greatest Misconceptions


CrossFit is a cult. Everyone who does CrossFit gets hurt. They’re all on the Paleo diet. It’s just a fitness fad. Who wants to look like a damn bodybuilder anyway? Anyone who participates in CrossFit hears these criticisms over and over, but they aren’t true. What is CrossFit? It’s a form of fitness that incorporates Olympic weightlifting, interval training and […]

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7 Myths That Make Everyone Hate on CrossFit


Crossfitter and Navy veteran Amanda Burrill writes on her experiences with CrossFit and the misconceptions behind the trend. CrossFit is the hottest thing since skinny jeans, and with all the hype and attention, there is bound to be some hate. But, unlike the Kardashian mania, this hate is unwarranted. Here I present some CrossFit misconceptions […]

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The Fear Of “Bulkiness” and CrossFit


This will be my one and only post about CrossFit making you bulky. I get just a little tired of breaking it down again and again for people. From now on i will just direct them to this blog post. Training AND EATING like an athlete who wants to be a generally capable human being in all […]

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6 Most Common Misconceptions About CrossFit


Whenever something new becomes popular there are always going to be critics trying to find something wrong with it. Even though CrossFit’s popularity might seem to be growing exponentially; there is also a growing backlash of those who are creating inaccurate stigmas about the sport of fitness. As a CrossFit trainer and enthusiast I feel […]

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Women & CrossFit: Myths Part 2


Women will not get big bulky muscles because they just plain don’t have the hormones to build them. It is the difference in the hormonal profile between men and women that causes their performances to also be different. There are several aspects of a woman’s performance that will different from those of a man, all […]

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Women & CrossFit: Myths


As I was pondering what to write for today’s post I noticed an article posted to FaceBook by D-Pain (aka Dana). It is titled” “LIES IN THE GYM”. It shows us that one does not have to go far in the average gym (obviously not a CrossFit Gym) to find someone willing to hand out […]

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