8 Training Rules From the Fittest Man on Earth


Basketball and football players might fill their off-season with pampered getaways and late-night escapades, but for CrossFit’s top athletes, there’s no slowing down. Though the Reebok CrossFit Games just wrapped — with many coaches begging their competitors to take a week off — the athletes are already eyeing the 2016 season. It’s no different for […]

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How Many Calories Does CrossFit Really Burn


In 1995 out of a small gym in Santa Cruz, CrossFit was born. The small gym sparked a flame, which has grown at an incredible pace into unbelievable popularity. If you do not do CrossFit yourself, chances are you know at least five people who do. And even those who are not avid members of a CrossFit gym […]

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Follow proper form for CrossFit success


You’ve seen them. Those sweating men and women, triumphantly holding barbells loaded with 45-pound plates above their heads in classic Olympic poses. They do callisthenics until they fall to the mats, panting next to their comrades in exhaustion. Since it started in 2000, CrossFit has steadily redefined fitness culture. It has popularized techniques — from […]

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What i learned after a year of crossfit

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I joined CrossFit in August 2014 following a visit to my 11-year-old daughter during her first summer at sleep-away camp. I realized, the hard way, that I was no longer the center of my daughter’s universe, so I decided that I needed to invest energy in building my own social life. So I joined CrossFit; I’d […]

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This Badass CrossFit Queen Explains How to Do Push-Ups Like a Champion

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Christmas Abbott is in way better shape than you are. We don’t know that for sure, but considering she lifts weights at the national level and regularly owns her rivals at  CrossFitcompetitions, we’d say that her 5-foot 3-inch frame of mostly muscle could out-lift your ass any day. But she didn’t start out that way. […]

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Personal Trainer to the Stars opts for CrossFit


  Mackie Shilstone, the fitness guru and personal trainer to pro athletes including tennis ace Serena Williams and Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning, has a high tolerance for punishing workouts. He says the best way to train top athletes is to learn their sport and exercise alongside them. “I become them—I’m a chameleon,” Mr. Shilstone […]

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Seth Rollins Endorses CrossFit


The World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins is having a reign that many stars would envy and it shows you how much faith the WWE have in its undisputed future. He sat down for an interview and spoke about his former brothers, his fitness routine and the reason Shield happened in the WWE. Below are excerpts […]

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Physical education takes on new meaning with CrossFit for kids

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Crossfit has become a growing trend for adults for the past several years, but the training regimen has also found a niche for Havasu children. Christina and Shawn Loya have been members of Havasu’s crossfit community for about four years. They’ve owned and operated Increased CrossFit, on 2169 Swanson Avenue, for the past three. Their […]

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Danica Patrick Does CrossFit


Danica Patrick knows a thing or two about fitness. The auto racing star, who is also famous for her killer figure, is currently busier than ever now that the 2014 racing season is well underway, but she took a minute to chat with E! News to dish on her diet as well as her workout […]

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