Paramedics team up to open CrossFit facility


As paramedics, Gavin DuBetz and Stephanie Viener’s job is to help save lives. In their new venture at CrossFit Menace, their job is to help shape lives, as well. DuBetz opened the fitness facility in February at 7041 Grand River Ave. in Genoa Township. Viener is a CrossFit coach and an investor in the new […]

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How CrossFit can benefit Triathletes


These days CrossFit has gained national attention with its explosive growth of affiliate gyms, the members who attend them, and the recent exposure of the CrossFit games on ESPN. With this attention comes both the enthusiast who praises the program and the skeptic who questions its safety and efficacy.When done correctly, CrossFit can be a fun, invigorating, […]

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