Train Your Brain With CrossFit


ercise isn’t just a pastime to help you lose weight. Exercise does just as much, if not more, good to you brain as it does your body. It’s common sense that after a workout, you feel exhausted and drained. These feelings create positive and long-lasting effects on both your body and your mind because you […]

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5 CrossFit-Inspired Exercises To Make You A Better Runner


To run faster, longer, and stronger, add these CrossFit-style exercises into your workout routine.(Photo: Corbis/Buck Studio) If you want to be a better runner, it’s important that runningisn’t the only activity you do. While jogging has plenty of benefits — cardiovascular health, weight loss, and stress relief, to name a few — mixing up your […]

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6 Reasons CrossFit Will Make You a Better Entrepreneur


With the CrossFit Open underway (that’s the start of the CrossFit season for you non-CrossFitters, which if we based numbers off Instagram postings would be about .3 percent of the population), I figured I’d put two of the most buzzworthy words together in one beautifully written article: entrepreneur and CrossFit. The sport of CrossFit was developed by […]

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Kettlebell Training: What You Need To Know


Did someone say kettleball? It’s kettlebell to be precise, and it’s all the rage nowadays. Originally a counter-weight on Russian farms, kettlebells have managed to make the move from underground strength training equipment to mainstream muscle builder. Thanks in part to a few cameos on “The Biggest Loser,” and the soaring popularity of CrossFit, kettlebells have become […]

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CrossFit: An Intense Workout With a Competitive Twist


If you’ve never seen CrossFit, in all its heavy-lifting, grunt-inducing, sweat-pooling glory, then imagine a workout designed by sadists for masochists. I first saw the fitness regimen-turned-competition in a broadcast of the CrossFit Games. The event showcased the best of the best, a group of shirtless, cartoonishly muscled men from around the world going through […]

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