Physical education takes on new meaning with CrossFit for kids

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Crossfit has become a growing trend for adults for the past several years, but the training regimen has also found a niche for Havasu children. Christina and Shawn Loya have been members of Havasu’s crossfit community for about four years. They’ve owned and operated Increased CrossFit, on 2169 Swanson Avenue, for the past three. Their […]

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The Benefits of CrossFit Workouts


Plenty of people have come to understand that CrossFit workout can be highly beneficial for their health, particularly since everybody wishes to have a healthy body and live longer. CrossFit workout is a special combination of physical exercises and Olympic weightlifting with cardio workout that is designed for everybody who wishes to stay in shape and […]

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Tips for your first 50 days of CrossFit


  Know how to take a compliment. Your life will change, your body and outlook will change with it. Surely, your friends will notice. Be on time for your training and get a good warm-up. Be resolute when it comes to your shopping. Focus on real food. Buy groceries that are alive and organic. Not […]

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10 Things No One Tells You Before Starting CrossFit


By: Brian McKay The following post is by Danielle, an athlete and member of The Arsenal.  She shared this with me recently, and I thought you all would enjoy it as much as I did.  – BJ I have been doing CrossFit for almost 4 months now. The first 3 months I loved going but I […]

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A Beginner’s Guide to Crossfit


Starting any new exercise practice can be daunting, but entering a CrossFit box can be particularly nerve-wracking. It’s a community rife with demonstrations of hardcore feats of strength and endurance — and, worse, its members speak their own language. To better integrate you, here’s everything you need to know to begin your CrossFit life. Are […]

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5 Emotional Stages of CrossFit


By: Lea Genders As of this week, I am now into my third week of CrossFit.  This is my first full week of regular classes after graduating the introductory On-Ramp classes.  In my short time at CrossFit, I have noticed a definite trend in my emotions.  I call it the Five Emotional Stages of CrossFit:1.  Fear […]

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50 Ways To Get Better At CrossFit


Your Task: 1. Read the list and choose tips that will help balance your training 2. Implement and watch as you become a better athlete! How to get better at CrossFit (in no particular order): 1. Gear up. Get oly shoes, some inov-8s or nano’s, a speed rope, some wrist wraps, and some good workout clothes 2. Lift heavy […]

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In CrossFit Games, the Biggest Competition is Yourself


Just a few years ago, Todd Newell was 130 pounds heavier and unable to run 100 meters. The idea of participating in a competition for “The Fittest on Earth” back then? “I would have ridiculed it,” says Newell, 39, of Catonsville, Md. So it’s pretty remarkable that earlier this month, that is exactly what he […]

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CrossFit: A Mom’s Perspective


By: Robbin A. Carollo Y’all will never guess what I attempted – CrossFit. I know, I know. Me and everyone else on the planet. But I’m desperate people! There’s a bridesmaids dress hanging in my closet that I’m going to have to fit into in a few weeks and last time I checked, Delta isn’t […]

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