CrossFit can greatly improve running


CrossFit is a heavily debated topic among the endurance community and fitness enthusiasts. There’s no denying its popularity, but can it make you a faster, stronger, better runner? What is CrossFit? First, let’s start with what it is, and how it might be different from other forms of cross-training. Many cross-training programs use stability balls, crunches […]

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Five CrossFit-inspired exercises to make you a better runner


If you want to be a better runner, it’s important that running isn’t the only activity you do. While jogging has plenty of benefits — cardiovascular health, weight loss, and stress relief, to name a few — mixing up your routine can help you run faster, feel stronger, and avoid aches and injuries. To learn […]

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How Does CrossFit Endurance Help Train Runners?


Most long-distance training plans adopt the standard Lydiard-based training model, which has high mileage as its cornerstone—the more miles, the better. There’s no disputing that Lydiard developed a pathway for success, which he described in detail in his book, . But is the high-mileage model the only way to the top? Or the healthiest? Lydiard […]

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Why Runners Should Do CrossFit


Celebs including Jessica Alba and Cameron Diaz love it, and if you’re a runner, you may love CrossFit too. This workout is all about basic exercises involving body resistance, gymnastics, aerobics, weight lifting, and other high-intensity moves. Read on to learn why you might want to skip today’s run and head to the nearest CrossFit box. The Problem with […]

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